This fruit tea is low in acid, has a distinct sweetness and a bright, shining, pink cup. This composition is not only a dream come true, it will seduce every sweet tooth on the block with its scent of sweet candyfloss and fruity, ripe raspberries. Enjoyed cold, it is a fairytale in itself.

Ingredients: pineapple cubes, apple pieces, lilac dragon fruit cubes, marshmallows, freeze-dried raspberry pieces

Origin: Germany

Tea Type:  fruit tea

Caffeine Level: 0

Steeping Instructions:

Quantity: 1 gramm per 100ml of water                                         

Water Temperature:  95*                                            

Steeping Time First infusions 4 minutes, subsequent infusion about 5 minutes

Infusions: 2

Packaging style:

100 g loose leaf tea in boutique bag

100g fruit tea in cylindrical container


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