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White Tea is considered one of the most precious and elite drinks in the world.

White tea is usually called tea created from the tips and the youngest shoots of the tea bush.

The fewer leaves in tea and the more buds, the better such a product is considered to be and the more expensive it is. The most expensive varieties contain tips only. 

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Most of the white tea is actually grown in one region - in the mountains of the Chinese province of Fujian, at an altitude of 1000 meters and above. It is there that nature has created the best conditions for the growth of a tea bush, which is capable of producing many buds and young shoots. Nevertheless, there are many varieties of white tea, the raw materials for which are grown in other provinces of China.

The main difference between white tea and all the others is the most careful processing of raw materials. Such tea does not undergo fermentation, but is only dried under conditions close to natural.

For hot days, when you want to drink only cool drinks, you may find it more pleasant and interesting to brew using the cold brew method.

Rinse the tea with plain clean water.

Take a glass or ceramic jug and fill the tea with cold water, slightly increasing the amount of infusion you are used to (if you usually put one teaspoon per cup, this time use two).

Place the pitcher in the refrigerator for 4 to 12 hours.

As a result, you will get an even healthier and more delicate drink than usual.

Useful properties of white tea and contraindications

White tea is considered to be a treasure trove of health: it has many beneficial properties and very few side effects, mainly related to the caffeine content. The main difference between white tea and the other five classic teas is the unusually high level of vitamins.

The benefits of white tea

White tea contains antioxidants catechins (EC, ECg, EGC and EGCg), vitamins (A, B, C, E, P) and amino acids. Thanks to this composition, it will be useful:

as an antibacterial agent;

to cleanse the body;

as the prevention of cancer;

with diabetes (normalizes blood sugar and cholesterol levels);

to improve digestion;

as prevention of cardiovascular diseases;

to protect against viral and colds;

as support during ARVI and ARI;

as prevention of caries;

as a natural antipyretic;

to speed up metabolism and weight loss;

as a mild sedative;

to improve vision;

as a tonic;

as a remedy against radioactive exposure.

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White tea can be a really welcome guest on your table if you care about your health and prefer to prevent rather than cure diseases: the components contained in it can significantly reduce the risk of many bodily problems. In addition, white tea helps you feel better even if you already have some medical conditions (bacterial or viral infections, diabetes, heart, vision, or digestive problems). This tea is recommended as a life-prolonging and anti-aging agent. White tea has a positive effect on the nervous system and brain function: it simultaneously tones and relaxes, allowing you to better focus on complex mental work or immerse yourself in meditative state of mind.

For a true gourmet experience White Peony brings you a blend of two extraordinary white teas with an addition of premium quality freeze-dried strawberry to create an unforgettable aroma and impeccable balanced taste. 

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