White Peony

How spicy do you dare? The name speaks for itself: really spicy and definitely no for those of frail disposition. The intense, fruity wild cherries with a slightly flowery note are an excellent base for chilli to develop its spiciness on. And the chilli really shows its power. You actually need a firearms licence for this tea. You can regulate the spiciness yourself by adding more chillies.

Ingredients: Rooibos organic tea, yellow rosebuds, safflower petals, chilli, peony petals, carrot flakes 

Origin: South Africa

Tea Type:  rooibos

Tasting Note:  Woody, earthy and nutty, are all used to describe the aromas of Rooibos, add to that list tobacco and vanilla notes and you have a clear description of our rich, organic Rooibos.

Caffeine Level: 0

Steeping Instructions:

Quantity: 1 gramm per 100ml of water                                         

Water Temperature:  95*                                            

Steeping Time First infusions 4 minutes, subsequent infusion about 5 minutes

Infusions: 2

Packaging style:

50 g loose leaf tea in boutique bag

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