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Imperial Shu Pu-erh is a black tea made from early-picked leaves that undergo a unique post fermentation and aging process. Its flavor is rich, strong, and earthy, with an intense aroma well-liked by coffee drinkers

Origin: Yunnan, China

Tea Type:  black

Tasting Note:  Its earthy notes are beautifully balanced by a fresh, clean sweetness, and are noted for being highly refreshing. It is Full bodied, rich and extremely smooth in taste.

 Caffeine Level: high

Steeping Instructions:

Quantity: 1 gramm per 100ml of water                                         

Water Temperature:  95*                                            

Steeping Time First infusion 4 minutes, subsequent infusion about 5 minutes

Infusions: 5

Packaging style:

100 g loose leaf tea in boutique bag

100g loose leaf tea in cylindrical container


Tea connoisseurs often first clean tea leaves of dust and particles by steeping it in the suggested temperature for no more than 30 seconds and discarding the rinse water.

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