10 celebrities who love tea

The stars of show business, famous athletes, famous politicians are often the subject of imitation. Many people are interested in how they dress, where they like to relax, what eating habits they prefer.

Some like French champagne, others Scotch whiskey, some don’t mind spending time with a cup of coffee or elite tea. They use a variety of tea recipes that are available here for family tea ceremonies. Familiar about the benefits of tea, celebrities try to include it in their diet more often.

  1. Recently, the famous Sir Anthony admitted to his fans that he has not been drinking alcohol for more than 45 years. According to Hopkins, in 1975, after severe poisoning, he finally decided to give it up. “I said, ‘I want to live.’ And there was relief, my life was amazing, “added Hopkins.

    Just before Sir Anthony won his second Golden Oscar statuette for his role as his grandfather fighting dementia, a popular actor wrote on his Twitter: “The pleasures of my life are: a cat, a piano, a book and a cup of Japanese Sencha tea.”

    Researchers have shown that long-term habitual drinking of green tea reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in old age – those who drank at least one cup a day during their lifetime at the age of 55 did better to remember and process information than those who did not drink tea at all.
  2. It is believed that the creator of Bondiana – Ian Fleming – copied an image of James Bond from himself – the author could not stand the tea and therefore made Agent 007 a coffee lover.

    But like his predecessors Pierce Brosnan and Sir Sean Connery, Daniel Graig is a big fan of tea. In particular, he admitted that he adored chilled Earl Gray with ice.
  3. It is impossible to ignore the two scandalous stories associated with the musician. One day, under the influence of alcohol, the Prince of Darkness bit his head instead of letting go of the pigeon. A year later, in 1982, at a concert, he bit a bat that fans threw at him on stage without knowing he was alive. Despite such a varied diet, Ozzi’s love of tea persisted – in a recent interview with the London Times, he says: “I have a piece of fruit and a cup of tea for breakfast. I love Yorkshire Gold, the one with the gold tips. “
  4. former English football player is known mainly for precisely played direct kicks and centered balls, which found teammates with great accuracy. When Beckham doesn’t win the hearts of football fans and women all over the planet, he likes to sit down and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

    Did you know that your athletic performance can be enhanced by our energizing puerh?
  5. We know Captain Jack doesn’t have it easy. But he always chose the more difficult path, but what would you expect? After all, it’s a pirate. Several writings about Depp have stated that he is a vegetarian, recently becoming a vegan, practicing Pilates and yoga, and when he needs to lose a few kg, he keeps a diet on green tea – used to remove excess fluid, so you can lose weight fast. But you must drink up to 2.5 liters of green tea a day. It is allowed to add milk and a little honey.
  6. The Hollywood actor has for many years supported projects around the world that build resilience to climate change, protect vulnerable wildlife, and restore balance to vulnerable ecosystems and communities. As a major investor and activist, he has invested in the organic tea business and says he is donating his shares back to farmers. Why? Because he loves tea! Especially organic Darjeeling.
  7. The American theater, television and film actress is an eight-time Golden Globe winner, a two-time Emmy Award winner and a three-time Oscar winner. She is also a good friend of white tea, which makes her look so young.
  8. One of the most ardent fans of tea is Lady Gaga. Once at an awards ceremony, she appeared with a porcelain cup in her hand and promoted the drink in all possible ways during all the interviews. Then a tea company offered her a million-dollar contract. As a result, the world’s tea consumption indicators increased and porcelain tableware began to be bought much more often. Then Lady Gaga surprised everyone with a charity campaign called “Cup of Kindness”. It was in fact that from each cup of herbal tea sold, the money was transferred to her fund to help those in need.
  9. For all The Beatles fans, Sir Paul is a live icon. Did you know that the first musical instrument Paul played was a trumpet? His first trumpet was a gift from his father for his 14th birthday. But Paul soon traded the trumpet for a guitar because he couldn’t sing while playing the trumpet. It is also known that the late John Lennon was a tea lover. They wrote their first hits together, such as the song “English Tea” during pleasant friendly conversations over a cup of tea. In addition, the early Beatles not only drank this drink, but according to Paul McCartney himself, they were also able to smoke it with a pipe! But we definitely do not recommend it! For creative energy, choose the magical Oolong alpine tea!
  10. In addition to acting, he has always pursued and continues to pursue a number of other hobbies. He is the founder of one of the first tea houses in Brno, a lover of good tea and a photographer. He can whistle almost any melody he hears, and often does.

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