Proč byste měli přestat používat čajové pytlíky?

You probably drink tea bags quite often. I will say more, you can drink this tea 2-3-4 or more times a day. You probably do not think about how harmful such a bag can be.

Today I will try to convince you to give up such tea and bypass the tea bag counters altogether.

The problem is that the tea bag has already become so popular that some people have already forgotten what normal, loose leaf tea is. Of course, tea bags have a number of advantages. For example, it is fast and convenient. He threw it into a mug and poured boiling water over it. After 15-20 seconds, you can drink tea.

This tea is relatively cheap and very easy to use. However, not everything is as good as it seemed at first glance.

So let’s get started.

Pesticides and fluorides
First, information for those who do not know what it is.

Pesticides, in short, are chemical or biological substances or mixtures of substances designed to control harmful insects. Simply put, the chemistry that is used to irrigate tea plantations.

Fluorides are, in general, fluorine with other compounds. Such compounds will also not benefit humans.

Tea leaves absorb fluoride compounds from the soil and build up them as they grow. Cheaper tea bags are often made from older leaves that contain more fluoride.

Excessive intake of fluoride leads to problems with bones, teeth and kidneys. Also, this tea contains fewer antioxidants, which reduces the beneficial properties of the tea.

Paper bags very often contain epichlorohydrin, a substance used as a pesticide. It becomes more active upon contact with hot water. This pesticide can cause infertility, damage the immune system, and cause cancer in animals. It is for this reason that experts advise that you first rinse the tea bag under warm water.

Tea bags are made of plastic and while the tea is said to be in silk pyramids, they are mostly made of food grade nylon and polyethylene terephthalate or plastic.

When we put a plastic tea bag in hot water, toxic substances get into the tea.

Tea bags are more expensive
At the very beginning, I said that tea in a bag is cheaper than loose tea, but no matter how it is. In fact, you get even more expensive tea. Leaf tea is undoubtedly more expensive than tea bags, but the fact is that you can brew the leaves several times. Although there are people who can brew a bag 2-3 times, but after repeated brewing it turns out, to put it mildly, not tea. Leaf tea can be brewed several times without changing the quality. So in terms of it, it turns out that leaf tea is also more profitable.

Dyes and flavors
Recently, more and more tea bags with different flavors have appeared. Forest berries, lemon, citrus, etc. So these bags contain dyes and artificial flavors to improve the taste and aroma. Such supplements also have a negative impact on human health.

Raw materials for tea bags
In the best case, it is expired tea chips that remain after the leaf tea production process and after sorting, and most often it is tea dust. In China, this is considered tea garbage, which economical and greedy for profit European tea corporations buy in tons for the production of tea bags, later calling it the highest grade or premium.

10 kg of tea waste costs only $ 10. That is, the packaging of this “elite tea” on the shelves of supermarkets in Russia costs several times more than the contents of a bag.

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