Our company was created for leaders in hospitality, those who truly want the best for European restaurants, hotels, cafes, and spas.

We offer hospitality companies an optimal product range perfectly prepared for restaurants. Whether it is a hotel breakfast, business meeting, party or merely enhancing a menu, our wide variety of teas ensures the most appropriate assortment for any occasion. Our teas leave your clients with a flavorful memory, enticing them to visit you again and again.
Our Partners get an access to a range of benefits
The unique, high-quality product to treat your clients right.
The premium package which reflects the concept of purity, ecology and luxury
The original teaware that allows to enjoy the taste of whole tea leaf in a very convenient way
Monitoring of the product quality. All tea from our range of carefully selected and tested for safety and environmental friendliness
Turn-key service
Turn-key service: we provide high-quality service, including the timely and accurate delivery of tea to the door of your company, providing all the necessary accessories (which we will help you to choose in accordance with your style and design), regular training of your employees, preparation of tea cards and tea offers, and other pleasant and necessary details that will surprise you and satisfy all your needs.
Due to the fact
Due to the fact that the way from the manufacturer to our customers is very short, we ensure that you always get fresh goods.
Among all
Among all, we regularly create the special packages for certain restaurant or hotel, some of them are exclusive. The tea can be accompanied with the branded accessories from us: porcelain, metal tins, presenting boxes, filters etc.
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